Moon, You Full As Fuck Right Now

They’ll envy you for your privilege of doing what you wanna do, when you want. However, they won’t envy the nightmares and price you pay for such assumptions about your very own life… #IAin’tShit…

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Monday, August 23, 2021

And you’re shining bright as she once did in my life, right through my window.

Tonight, you’ve got a face, light and with glow.

Last night, you hid that face, behind clouds, why so?

Right now I cannot sleep, at this hour, what must I think?

I’m waiting on my next book’s proof copy to arrive,

In the mail—it represents me writing through hell.

It’ll just show up.

Moon child.

Moon writer.

Writing fighter.

Midnight’s by her.

Suicide survivor.

Dreamt right by her.

Stood on my feet beside her.

The water was rocky.

New leg muscles to prop me.

She left me.

Heart thief!

But am not sad, you see…

Some are protected, like me, from heat.

Not of a light, but an effortless hype.

Moon writing through night.

Soon flying—I’m nice!

I’m done here.




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