Just Write About It

…about all of the mistakes I’ve made in life are written on this blog site—either through subliminal wordplay or I outright said it. I’ve made enough to understand what’s written below, and still smile. (Photo Taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — edited in Portland, Oregon)

Friday, June 4, 2021

A wave wouldn’t be a wave without its trough. We wouldn’t give a damn about a surfer’s vice if his waves went without a crest. While some folks live in the illusion of being at the top, others live in the illusion of being at the bottom. Why must we judge? Well, because we can write about it.

These illusions are perceptive. One individual’s trash is another’s treasure. One individual’s pain is another’s pleasure. Why must we perceive? Well, because—we can speak about it.

Perception is, but not limited to, thought patterns, emotions, and energy—which can all be transferred or stored. At this point, I kinda’ know what I’m talking about. Why? Because I’m writing about it.

You see, us dumb humans have this thing called potential. Have you ever had anxiety? That’s your potential energy rushing at the gates of your evolving conscience, and pushing you to move forward to DO SOMETHING. Most people, and forget the statistics for now, depress themselves because they get hung up on the many factors of an outcome from their actions. This is very general, but think about it like this…..

An idea comes to mind, and the magnitude of this idea deciphers the degree of stress you’ll have considering the idea’s urgency and/or importance. The longer you take to resolve the idea, on whether or not you’re going to take action, increases its likely hood of causing tension, anxiety and stress. You’ll ruminate until you decide its fate. Ruminating involves you factoring in other people’s opinions, past outcomes, cultural norms, and societal views.

Fuck that shit.

I have nothing to do with NIKE, but seriously, just do (it) what you gotta do. Okay? And why? Because—even if you mess up, you can write about it.

Mark this post as my promise, because I’ll read about you 🙂


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