Inspired Through Smiles Of Pure Imagination

Artwork by my niece, A. R. Cross 😉

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Whoever told you that one day you’d become a superstar, you better have taken the inch and ran a mile…

For the suffering creatives, thriving artists, and future innovators who’ll get this, be okay with the contrasting process of your finite creative journey.

When people learn you created each dimple beside your smile, you become a star, and this makes you smile even more. Soon you’ll find yourself hiding it. Why? Well, you’ve seen your smile well enough behind closed doors. And that’s my best guess…

It’s okay to reserve yourself and your passions—for everything you’re preserving it for. So do that…

Anyways, while each dimple’s hidden behind your skin of kin, you paint the hidden smiles, draw the forbidden sorrows, and then sell it. Because artists gotta’ make money too…

So hustle your passion—give it all your energy and do that tonight!

And after you smile, let it go to allow the next to show.

But always remember, those who create smiles aren’t often doing so. Although the smile will eventually glow, in the act of creating, visions instead must flow. Most of the time it’s not fun.

From body to mind, mind to hand, and when the hand transcribes onto paper, the face sits still so the canvas won’t croak. Before that surface of nothing turns to something, it sees your smile’s oath. Sometimes that nothing exposes itself as tears of pain, or the illusion that we’re nothing.

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, here’s the take way. The process between something being insignificant and that something becoming significant, is a bunch of nothingness. It’s where people are confused, get hurt and give up.

Just trust the process. More importantly, respect it—because you are the process.

You’re the superstar in the making. A superstar who’s creating. And not just canvased art, but smiles for miles…


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