Who Are You Alone?

Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash

Saturday, October 17, 2020

I’m me.

I think…

Sometimes I don’t think.

But that’s what I think.

I think I’m a walking contradictory.

What do you think?

I don’t care…

about what you think.

To be clear, however, you’re reading you.

A thinking coup.

You can’t read me without thinking of me.

I’m black with a story of struggle.

Negro hair my shit got a glow tho’…

I don’t care.

I’m a bad writing man.

I’m not ashamed bro, that’s my jam.

Artists are weird.

Have you seen one behind closed doors?

Yes, only they’ll get it.

Some just not as sick behind closed doors with it.

But that’s what I think.

Which doesn’t matter, does it?

You can’t prove it.

But say it.

Confirm you thinked it.

Can’t you read it?

It’s who I am.

A bad man and rhyming without trends.

So meet beast.

The loner writing your friend.


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