Body Of A Dancing Eye

Feature artwork by Denis Gonchar

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Just Breathe Me,

And watch me.

Create me,

Just this one time, breathe.

How rad you see?

I’m amazing in me.

It’s easy like free.

You were waiting, like, please,

I wanna see you dance with me.

Sway them hips with ease.

You can feel I’ve got a groove by the beat.

It’s funky how I move my feet,

Catch em’ if you can, that man’s doing his dance.

Creatively partying a writer—shall we land,

Take that right foot; like that—bam!

Match it with them shoulders, damn!

Man of the year two-steppin’ his jams.

In the dark so no one see’s his glam.

Flex the empowerment—be a beast out it, man!

Don’t gloat about it, grow about it.

Dekum’s grown and that boy flew up out it.

Into outer space—what else is there to do without it?

End up right back into you, thinking doubts out loudly?

Might as well breathe a new body.

Make that negro dance so proudly.

Can’t fool these eyes which watch me.

They’re what I embody.

Breathe me, and watch me party.


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