You Ought To Be A Star Among Rocks

Photo by Brent Cox on Unsplash

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I am a rock.

The waves come and wind knocks.

I smile.

Welcome to your home for a while.

It’s a beach, so beware of sand,

The tricky part of this land.

You could sink, fall and be damned.

But since we’re like water you’ll flow.

As does water upon its waves’ approach.

You’re a rock.

No one sees the connection.

Like sand, we’re close.

More than most.

Water rushes.

Washes our surface.

Crashed into by oceans.

Creating rivers in motion.

For views bringing a smile.

From how far?

The bliss in between each mile…

At the next star you see.

Be a rock as you are.

Floating in peace,


We’re a rock, you see.

Look up.

…it’s you from afar.

Glowing like a rockstar 🙂


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