Smile, That Too Is Contagious…

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Ask and you shall receive.

Mask or how dare you sneeze.

My gosh be sanitary if you breathe.

I’m sick of hearing about this virus, LEAVE.

Some scared, a few over do it, and leaders, who to believe?

So much for clarity and we’re seven months into 2020…

The chaos entertains but it leaves people empty.

“Ok, we’re just joking guys, let’s pull back the curtain, SURPRISE…”

“….pull off those mask, it was a global fire drill gone very bad.”

I’ll stop there, it’s not what I want in this ask.

There’s much left to say about that, and I don’t put info out that way.

Moving on to the fun part of the day.

Where these words fly off the screen of a reader’s phone….

Tablet, iPad, laptop, or office at home.

Where you stay home all day, if you’re like me—alone to play.

Like the summers in high school, middle school, when time moved in a bag of clay.

So much to do with it, more time than we needed, anything in the fridge, it’d be eatin’.

Before mom or dad walk in pretend you’re reading.

They say I was a spoiled boy but I don’t see it.

Now that I’ve said it maybe you get it?

It has to do with the answer; remember my question?

Yeah, I received it.

Likely curious enough to keep reading.

Sorry, not sorry.

I like this song so I’ll keep singing…

Hold that thought and enjoy the proceedings.

Beaming on my right arm is the sun shining.

It’s easy like a Sunday dine in.

Get up and do something if it’s the right timing.

If you do it with a smile it’ll make this poem inviting…

I’m inspiring you to do something exciting.

CARPE DIEM more than you ever.

Go write yourself a letter.

Don’t read it til forever.

Start with your smile,

And how today it gets better 🙂


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