You Can Read A Goodnight If You Want To

Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash

Monday, June 15, 2020

I’m tired.

My day expired.

Soon dreams to acquire.

If lucky they’ll transpire.

But what’s required?

Closed eyes for miles?

Good and bad of my trials?

Tribulations of a past dire.

But I’m tired.

When will time retire?

When I sleep for miles?

As if time stops for a while…

Then return for more trials?

Turn the dial.

Blow it by breath.

So our sun ignites the rest.

Now I have energy.

Suddenly some synergy.

Something’s gotten into me.

It must be these words.

Fueling a tired being.

Now leave me be.

Goodnight in peace.

You too shall find a speech.

To guide you into a synergy.

Again, I’m tired now I sleep.

I trust you enjoyed a goodnight read.


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