Blooming The Last Of Spring’s Reason

Featured artwork by My Mom

Friday, June 12, 2020

May’s flowers.

May I this hour?

Bring a new you…

Into June’s tune.

June’s flower bloom.

June is made for you.

June breaks ground from roots.

Just watch each flavor of truth.

Justice by the eyes of our youth.

Jurors who pick apart the groups.

Jaded and no longer practice for proof.

January’s ugly death now our star’s on a roof.

March through sickness and a prize to refute.

April’s tulip seed—I watered a coup.

February’s ignorance why did you refuse?

Something big is coming and I can’t explain it to you.

July’s smile, there’s a gift awaiting you too…

August’s birth for the last hurt unto you.

A turning year and here we are back at June.

What did the year do for you?

Why did you grow a greater truth?

We cried daily the last we did a June.

Today, we laugh daily as we experience the new.

This is the year we show what flowers bloom in June.


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