Write Your Stand For The Star Of Life

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Bold—as they configure who you are.

No longer stalking each star,

But eager to pass par.

We beneath this skin are not vulnerable.

But with strong stones for our history’s noble.

For what’s white the dark distinguishes in art.

For what’s black the light replenishes apart.

For what’s grey we put in the middle to start.

It’s where we are because stories are often a la carte.

Depends how you wanna’ tell it if you’re picking our colors apart.

Like a star, it shines and they’d name it to sound smart.

We breathe the same air; we see the same light…

So why are we seeing a different fight?

As each star shines out the same dark…

We walk a path to put another behind bars.

We talk a sound to hear an alien sound from afar.

Later exile those who simply embark.

Til’ Babylon falls, and a baby learns to crawl…

Let’s learn the four types of US:

Those who follow orders, lead orders, and those who question orders.

For those who watch orders hold futures within like borders.

They are thought hoarders.

Emerging as stars who infiltrate the followers.

Correcting leaders who ignore true philosophers.

And connecting the questioners who’ll weave lost dwellers.

We are one tribe, tangled by vibes, and with colorful strides…

We prevail.

We are the star of life.


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