Dream A Love They’ll Never Take

Photo by Sean Pierce on Unsplash

Monday, May 18 2020

How many of us live on to experience childhood dreams?

For those who have we each fear others telling us to go back to what we’ve done before, and dream.

You arrive at the lighthouse of love.

Lonesome we float upon the oceans of trust.

Carrying on the aches a heart suffers.

Letting go of a past the mind utters.

I meet you in serene destiny and see the eyes of eternity.

Your smile so light it emits joy.

Maybe our souls met at peace when I was a boy.

But separated at the trenches which life employs.

Traveling unprepared roads, swimming uncharted waters, here we are older and annoyed.

Closing each eye I envision this scene; where to eat, what movie to see, and how to enjoy such simple things.

I open each eye and realize my queen.

Still an experience of a young boy’s dream.

But I win in the space because I don’t look back.

I’d never let the doubters take our love as easy as that.


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