A Journey Which Doesn’t Know How, Can Only….

Featured Artwork: The Lost City by Neko-Art

Monday, May 4, 2020

There it rose above the horizon.

They stare and thunder roars uprising.

Their eyes to share as rainfalls surprising.

The cattle chew bare and grass proceeds them.

Goodnight from there returns a morning kiss.

Our distant love so young as time we miss.

Where art your faith to take it today?

Into a stirring of things by those unseen.

Laughter up yonder now serene.

A hand to grab I made it by dream.

Night and night emotions to fight.

Dwelling within to win and unite.

Envisions of how we all take flight.

A game to watch as many breathe in.

No shame to carry of my brothers by kin.

Hear true stories they’ll all be tellin’…

From podiums of truth, some will yell it.

First, of how we failed them to win again.

Second, will be a feast of chickens.

Third’s a world of verbs to elate.

May the fourth be waters of internal lakes.

With you my words often create.

Happiness I’m real, never a fake.

But faith has taken all my ways.

Unable to prove, somehow I grow.

Just watch me today,

I often don’t know…

Journeying as if I only know so.


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