What I’ve Done With The Forks In My Road

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Felt alive by it.

Grabbed it to eat steak with shrimp.

Went forward to spoon my latest pasta dish.

Said fuck it with nothing to lose—am not rich.

But ate well thru faith visualizing a future in bliss.

The next best thing to be grateful for is your breath.

Let go and relieve the illusions of stress.

Don’t ever let someone tell you the road is tough.

They’re projecting the latest challenges in their fuss.

Or, what it’d be like if they hopped into your rut.

But go ahead, fuck it up, do what’s love.

Do what’s trust—accept the rarity of actions in us.

Because not many will guide you.

You only gotta’ show up and show out.

Don’t listen to scary folks’ clout.

The others’ doubt.

Be the fork that no one eats about.

Poke the air, eat the rare, and let them stare.

Don’t look back or glare.

They’ll always be jealous.

Because you made it there.

Fair and square…

Now go fork those haters.

Just be aware.

You’ll eat alone.

So do you dare?


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