A Flight Of Goodnight

Photo by Pete Nuij on Unsplash

Sunday, April 19, 2020

I’ll see you in the morning, Goodnight.

Reminiscing the evenings we’d free our light.

From the morning’s dew to the evening’s wind you blew.

There was nothing that would separate us two.

Hearts which collide in candor faith.

We shut eyes for eight and awake to another day.

It could be great or my latest fate.

Either way I sleep for the morning awaits.

The sun which shines, tree’s that leave, and our hearts to retrieve.

Love, happiness, and wellness but only if you believe.

Rotating thoughts for the plan is to relieve.

The illusion of pain which allows growth.

A delusion of you who speaks of both.

An untouchable oath to breathe and boast.

Tomorrow’s unpromised so enjoy now the most.

But again, goodnight to those wishing for hope.

You’ll rise in the morning as you do for toast.

And fly as Guardian Eagles way above the crows.


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