Journey With A Rock Stacking Dreamer

And so, I too would come to a place and stack. Over time many rocks which await a standing fate. Some time later another being would match such a state. Of quiet bliss, steady to sit, and appreciate a meditative gift…

Feature Photo by Tyler Milligan on Unsplash(Below photos taken by Budd)

Sunday, February 16, 2020

So, you come to lay rocks too?

Of the beings who move rocks we stack from two.

Are we here to lay them through?

No other in space can maneuver them so.

Constructing each into buildings, roads, and moats.

Behind each is a vision, beneath one’s precision, and mindful decisions.

One falls and the other’s still sitting.

Throw one and maybe it’ll break its destination.

Step on one you become its destination.

See a few and begin the manifestation.

They don’t follow, however, they lie.

For men lie, women lie, numbers boast.

Move alone is what a rock won’t.

Arrive at the rock of mind or don’t.

Like water persist so kind.

Meditating for a steady find.

Of peace, joy, and a path to remind,

…us we walk on such rocks blind.

And that’s it.

We can move each to its new bliss.

Still thought to prove our purpose.

Reach a bad thought, let it go.

Receive a good one, let it grow.

Repeat each above, watch you glow.

This, however, is what a rock doesn’t know.


Inspired by Nandin

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