For The Love Of It

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Where does it come from, and where does it go?

Bills, these kids, travel addicts, and Instagram’s follower growth.

It’ll stress us, bless us, create a fuss, but we need it to move through trust.

If we had no language what would it be?

A piece of paper—respectfully you dummy…

Currency, however, the agreement we digitally see.

Having such value and boy does it make our world turn.

Without it where in the world would you turn?

You think you’re broke?

It’s likely on your mind like crack or dope.

Did it define you today?

Don’t be so cruel to yourself.

You think you have enough of it?

You’re no better than the transient begging for it.

They’re at the same corners with a sign for it.

You’re at the same job working for it.

Or, writing to get more of that shit…

In reality it doesn’t exist.

Reality is the past for the future awaits the rich.

Follow it you’ll become it.

Ignore it and more flows by the bliss.

The laws of it are unknown if you’re reading far into this.

Get an understanding of it you’ll forget its purpose.

Money may buy happiness to inspire actions.

Rather be rich and lonely, or broke and cozy?

As long as you live in either you’re stuck.

Get enough, you’ll run your miles up.

So much of it now your chin’s up.

Most ain’t got it like that.

Why we rely on it?

It’s our love language.

Appreciate it,

Grow it.

Spend it.

To you..

You owe it.


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