What They Say About Dead Clocks

Photo by Heather Zabriskie on Unsplash

Friday, January 24, 2020

For today is enough.

But why don’t we feel so?

We work hard daily and weary stunts growth.

We, including I, want too much.

What we have is what we get.

Want more?

Some of that shit you must forget.

Don’t work harder, but smarter, they say.

Who in our world is they?

Did they make it past the enoughs of yesterday?

Fulfilling their wishes into a forever today?

They, like we, wanted just as much as thee.

Thee, like he, and she, are we.

All pronouns include us beings.

Believing tomorrow would be the place of easing.

It’ll always be today.

If you’re reading this there will always be a tomorrow to prey.

You can’t prove yesterday was here—memories help.

Of a calendar, life chapters, and our illusion of time.

Like Tom Hanks said, the ultimate sin is the ignorance of time.

We struggle and get over it.

Struggle again and say ‘fuck it.’

Continue to struggle soon to identify with shit.

We attach.

Like our desires we attract.

Our struggles with time react.

Nothing’s wrong with that.

Work off a dead clock you at least get it right twice a day.

But that’s what they say.

Why try on time if we often get it wrong anyway?


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