Stargazing For Whom I Look Up To

The feature photo was taken at a resort in Porto Seguro, Brazil—a coastal resort town in the Brazilian state of Bahia. This is also the location where I finalized the name of my first book’s main character, his name’s Rigil. Care to connect the dots? Read more about the Booj-Wah-Zee COLLECTION here!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Above shining and beneath your surface, a burning crust.

Dirty minds rhyme with what creates us.

It’s between us men.

A divided line of trials.

11 miles and for each a breath I smile.

You all respected in gratitude.

I created a beautiful mess; now here I elude.

Of the childish nature in I, the deed is shy.

Every moment walking into my why.

A runner’s bliss—why am I here?

Because the idea defends a cry.

My words are nothing to you.

But fate’s virtue; so, who is I?

A writing bird, protecting verbs.

In other words, I’m here to write.

Take action on my fights.

And you I look up to.

A hero tonight.

Running next to stars.

Wishing upon the hottest.

Bold next to the modest.

A planet I see is the brightest.

I run with you in view.

Like Venus, I could be running for you.


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