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When I first heard ‘Tadow‘ by Masego, I told myself one day I’ll beast on the horn as so. Soon, I bought a sax and it sat in my studio for about six months before I blew in it. I grew up playing the alto, got to high school and forgot about it. My inspiration to pick it back up was hearing the little boy in me say, “just blow it…”

Tuesday, December 17, 2019*

By a random playlist of his I write to, and so many terminals to fly you, which flight should I type to? Which notes should I blow through?

Starting fresh, I lose thoughts and await an order of words to stress.

I too have a vision; a wall full of those who inspired me. I’m also writing a wall full of those who transcended me.

Lady Lady, she took off for the Navy.

Open mic I’ll bring my creativity.

How and when? I can’t tell you, just trust in me.

How I got here? Don’t know.

Looking back I may not grow.

My walk of faith could include you though.

We are where we’re meant to be due.

I’ll fly across the Atlantic to bring my profound sights and views.

Don’t doubt me—if I told you how I’ll succeed,

Might not make it there to see.

Hell, I don’t even know.

I breathe, blow, and go.

I believe, then grow, and to my readers I owe,

My vision.

Seeing their eyes in precision.

I don’t see my next step—am not trippin’…

There’s a voice in me saying, “just walk boy…”

Therefore I proceed through this mission.

Bringing my sax to compose the sound.

I’ll show up like TADOW…

Thank you and goodbye for now.


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