Day 32 of 44 — I woke up writing these questions… Why so on a Tuesday?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How would you explain the ocean to a fish?

What’s the cost of living inside the box forever?

Who benefits from living beside the river?

Are there angels flying above volcanic ground?

Do we really understand animal’s communication method?

Whats money got to do with your next breath?

Are near death experiences there to teach us?

Why do you want to look so confident?

Does awkward paint the picture for new information, but in fear?

Some people can’t handle truth, but who cares?

The awareness of life is just — now what?

Are some words taboo only in context?

If you don’t build context, some things don’t make sense, right?

How specific must we get to capture attention?

The sky falls every year, month, day, oh wait, it’s not falling it’s just…

Does happiness exist? Or, is it only a word? Because I feel fine.

How about you?


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