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Photo by Lukenn Sabellano on Unsplash

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Last night I ran up four hilltops. The seven mile route originally has two uphill battles — but after the first uphill running south I saw another to the east. In that split second decision to add it, I ran it.

Ironically my shuffled playlist in that moment had “Hills” come on by The Giving Moon …. I kept running east up the hill until the end of the song. I wanted to get to the top but I knew by then I’d have 3 hills to run. Since the moon was out and it would’ve been nice to see it at the top, I had to stop to preserve energy.

After walking back down the hill I ran again but took it easy until the next hill. And then I saw this other hill. By the luck of a draw between two cross-walk signals, it was either which way to continue; the flat trail running west until the last hill, or add this one to run north. The walk signal to go right lit up, which meant the hill.

So, I ran it. After running up the third hill I knew I’d miss the last hill continuing home. I took a sudden left turn to go west at about .5 miles after hill three to ensure I get the final hill of the original seven mile route.

A slight down hill I went, then up north I ran.

Toward the top of the fourth and final hill I almost stopped…. But a step to a hop from the music in my ears I sprinted the rest of the way up spreading my arms like wings. Singing to oncoming traffic. And running further away from the runner who nearly gave up.

Although I didn’t see the moon at the top of hill two, hill four got to see the moon runner up north. I ran east at the Beaver Moon in gratitude until home.

All to think I used to get migraines running insane like this. And for the giving mood which added a hill, thank you to The Giving Moon who inspired me to chase a new thrill.


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