Lions Don’t Lie

Photo by Deb Dowd on Unsplash

Friday, November 8, 2019

Create a space so the mood can open.

#AmWriting to people I hope to rope in,

To dreams I once deserved.

It’s what I must stand to earn.

We are people who make the future.

We are creatures who remember the past.

Some connecting for an everlasting grasp,

Onto others and our love outlasts,

The pains of whom we may laugh.

Navigate to the top for a victim to be inspired.

…from there a survivor must be transpired.

But never forget who propelled you aspired.

It’s those looking up to say,

“We helped you, so don’t give up, okay…?”

Otherwise they’ll deem you expired.

What’s worse, a tree on fire?

Or a lion’d up liar?


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