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Monday, October 21, 2019

What touched your heart today? It’s day three of my 44-day storytelling campaign to promote my GoFundMe, and two things over the past 48 hours spoke to my soul. I’ll get into that later, for now I’ll briefly let new readers know about day one and day two.

Day one’s word was ‘plan’, day two was ‘try’. Try to plan then try the plan. Plan for what? Try at what?

Hint: start with yourself…

Today’s word will continue the story of unfolding words. You can imagine a 44 word message which is built over the course of this campaign. Each day’s word is developed as I write these stories. So, let’s continue.

Could the exception be you? The individual who makes the difference?

The key to success is always trying one more time, no matter how tough it gets. Also, the key to failure is never giving that next try a chance. It may not have been that next try, but maybe the next….Keep trying and see.

Whatever you’re pushing toward, keep pushing. Giving up is a domino effect. And so is hard work. It’s your choice. A choice in consistency which plays a key role in how well you end up doing. Think of it as a continuum — there comes a point in your journey where you look back and realize that even the last moment of reflection wasn’t the end.

With each try you get better — that’s what you must fall in love with. Respect the pain and hurt a task may carry out. Understand the emotions are part of the game. Just go with it; how else would it have played out to this point? Go at each task as if you’ve never messed up. You were growing until, now.

Growing into the moments where change smacks you in the face. It comes to be a transcendence in time, space, and a moment of clarity. In which all the things you accomplished before come to a different meaning — practice.

A basketball player will have put up 3 times more shots that never go in than he’ll ever make. Running-backs don’t score every hand off, they fight to get closer to a new line of scrimmage. And once they get to that line, there’s often 3 or 4 more plays to execute until another set of tries.

Referring to distractions — don’t let things not existing in the moment take you away from the moment and task at hand.

With every try you must learn to give it your heart. Regardless what it is; sports, office duties, childcare, your next phone call, let it sink in that the less you try the more your body will do it’s job.

You are only moments, and the finish line doesn’t exist. The moment you’re seeking doesn’t exist, until you begin to create it. Start by letting go of ego, if you can, then watch your true abilities take over.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about try this. First plan to buy a journal. If you already have one, plan to sit down with it for 15 minutes. If nothing comes to mind then write this, ‘I plan to try’.

In my eyes you are successful regardless — it’s the power of showing up and trying.

For the two moments which took my heart in the past 48-hours; one was the released video footage of Keanon Lowe, who showed his heart to a kid who was getting ready to add another school tragedy to America’s list.

Lowe, a former Oregon Duck wide receiver, and now coaching at Park Rose High School in Portland, Oregon, was shown on the school’s surveillance camera hugging the boy who just minutes before was getting ready to let off his shotgun.

For the other, it was watching Drake’s music video to God’s Plan this morning while getting ready to run my dog.

The moments don’t compare.

But what takes my heart is not only Lowe saving a number of kids from getting hurt or killed, it was how the boy hugged him back. You can try a plan all you want, however, differences are shown when someone’s heart shows up.

In Lowe’s case, the little boy needed someone’s heart.

Thank you, Lowe.

If you’ve seen Drake’s music video, it’s from 2018, and we’re heading into 2020. Start now with a plan to try — at giving everything your heart.

All it takes is showing up and you could be the one who make’s a difference in God’s Plan.


Ps, you don’t have to believe in God, just yourself 🙂

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