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October 20, 2019

Day one’s word was ‘plan’. The lesson – if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

Before I get into day two’s word, read the below short story:)

The day first light became the first sight, a little boy who’d dream to think so viewed it best.

On an evening riding the school bus on his way home, a sunny spring afternoon would warm an east wind. School buses which had sat in an open parking lot all day would arrive to schools with its interior warm. And waiting for kids to rip them apart were the hot leather seats inside. Clear skies invited the afternoon sun into the bus, but still kids laugh, shout, and ignore the bus driver as some windows cool down the bus temperature.

The introverted kid, who is also the little boy, if not with his/her best friend, can be seen sitting alone. Away from the crowd of kids who are simply excited to get home. After stop number one is done, the little boy becomes more of himself. Traveling further away from school and coming closer to his home stop, the bus is quieter, and he can hear the fifth grader’s gossip. With sister’s voice in the background, everything was coming to be alright.

He’d lookout as passing through the bus windows leaves began to expose themselves. As the trees allow, the sun would help. Homes whose owners cared would shine below as the sunlight reflected – the bus route home passed through neighborhoods where everyone cut their lawn on Sundays.

The little boy dazes away as streetlights were changing colors. By then his classmates had all gotten off at their stops. As the second to last stop comes to be his, so came his resting eyes.

A widening oval of first light, it was an awakening to another moment. Still on the bus in silence, the boy got up to see no kids, and hear no kids. In the part of town where mom would drive for meetings, home became further away as they drove closer.

Does the bus driver know the boy’s there?

The little boy who woke up on an empty school bus was me.

Through the many open rows of seats, I walked up to the front of the bus. The bus driver was surprised I slept through my stop. But I asked, “where are we? Where’s my sister?”

There’s more to the story I’ll share later. The most significant thing I recall about this day was the moment I woke up. The bus was miles from my house, driving on Willamette Boulevard which looks over North Portland’s industrial district.

Why am I sharing this story? Well, because.

Day one’s plan was to let readers know I plan to do something of an unthinkable magnitude. Today I tried to tell you about a childhood nap on the bus, in which most of that shit I made up.

Except for the very moment I woke up from the nap on the bus.

Today is Sunday, October 20, 2019 – for the following 43 days will include much of me trying. So, to conclude day two’s storytelling, know this; I plan to try and keep on keepin’ on to the next community of people I’ll thank in my future.

Their First Light could be you…


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