An Awakening Of One Million Creators

Photo by Quan H. KIM

October 9, 2019

If 3 AM could wake me up, here’s how it would sound.

Knocking from door to door, a mere shift to crown.

We’d make it, until now fake it, because our faith’s never taken.

Time is key.

You’ve done the rare, in the mind because most wouldn’t see there.

Spinning be your foe at the end of the tunnel.

Blinking in disbelief, looking back at fumbles.

Meant to succeed, it’s why through the fork we proceed.

Traveled a road less chosen, challenging fate easily broken.

Facing past failures, re-stamp the passport, and enter with cohorts.

We woke you for unbroke you.

Be the success you see in proof.

Your people are waiting for you.


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