Watch Close Enough You Get Smiles Back

October 5, 2019

What does your deepest desire want with you? Do you question it? Or, the feelings of push that either hold you back, then suddenly stops you in the moment. You look back to think, “what the hell am I doing?”

Smile and laugh at your spinning thoughts.

Is time so precious we must respect it to get what we want? Patience; the understatement.

Sit long enough and you’ll get what’s coming to you. Either nothing, or whatever your past owes you. Note to self; do not carry the weight of owing, you’ll be there forever.

Whether or not you’d like to think of something to do out of boredom, what’s coming to be will be. You’re nothing but a moment.

Be your own guest and desire out of curiosity what the next moment shall be. Are you curious if someone’s watching you? Maybe God, or some type of almighty being who’s powering all those breaths we took on this lovely first Saturday of October.

You can get curious enough to come to any conclusion. But if your means is God, I’ve been thanking him in peace. The peace I needed to inspire just one more person.

Not everyone feels that their life is fucked up. However, I’m on Facebook and people make it clear some of us are stuck in sick self-destructing patterns.

Do I sound like I’m judging? From my perspective I may be. If you knew me well enough, it’s not hard to see the patterns I’m stuck in.


What are you aware of that you accomplished today? So, it’s Saturday, and if you forgot to smile at someone, then do so after reading this.

Watch yourself.

Like the mirror you’ll begin practicing that smile in, watch it smile back. Do it long enough and it gets creepy.

Everything else starts smiling back…


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