What Are You Drinking Tonight?

September 16, 2019

Bourbon of Kentucky how so you do?

4 bottles later and look what I flew.

Not a plane but many words.

And verbs I stewed.

Summer disturbed.

Who woulda’…


Each story’s legit.

Now a connoisseur with it.

No driving for there’s a price.

And everything to do with it—DUI.

Dimwit… the former me also the ignorance of free.

Writing from below concrete feelings to words I spree.

Coming down to harvest faith each step, and a promise you kept!

Half gone but the work’s sublime—no money but that’s fine.

The meaning in dollars will come after self is described.

Bold and old, 32 years told, now my past I scold.

Better yet lessons untold, as failures unfold.

To be honest, I love this person I behold.

Not everyone understands me.

It’s a blessing to hold.

Painful to mold.

I get it, though.

Dreams are…


Most will,

Give up 😦

But you, Bourbon.

I’ve drank plenty of you.

Ice cubed in my glass cups.


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