Photo by Michal Dankowski

September 10 , 2019

Because they’ve been through it before.

Even the clear air turbulence which is often unpredictable leads the aviator up front to an impromptu announcement for passengers to put on their seat-belts.

They say 1 in 4 passengers have a fear of flying. Understanding this, the road-warriors reading can have about a 25% chance to show off their frequent flyer manners by acting so next time in-flight. The journey on any aircraft is subject to a shaky ride, but some people who don’t understand the cause sweat through their palms until wheels down.

Considering pilots are near the top of the highest respected trained professionals when it comes to the rules and regulations around safety, they see turbulence as hitting a wave in the ocean – it’s what happens in the air. Flying above mountains, rough terrain, or a city below distorts the airflow above.

Predictable in the matter of a written flight-plan, it’s why seat-belt signs some times light up before the plane rocks.

As a kid I would love it when the airplane would speed up mid-flight – rising above the changing airflow around it to avoid a bumpy ride. If the pilot was cool enough he’d inform passengers to look down out the window at the storm in passing. Although airplanes can fly through storms, you wouldn’t want to experience it.

Much of the turbulence felt in take-off during high traffic hours can be from other aircrafts. They’ll choose their own flight path to avoid it, but the wake in the air persist to a certain degree.

As a disclaimer for this post, I am not a pilot, nor an aerospace professional. However, I plan to become one someday.

Dare to help me do so?

As crazy as it sounds, I’ve also enjoyed my fair share experiences in crosswind landings. Wheels down, the rudder yaws the nose straight to its longitudinal direction. You can see the entire fuselage straighten out if you’re seated in the rear of the plane.

But here’s my point.

I mentioned someday I’d become a pilot. It’s a childhood dream I plan to fulfill once I awaken from the nightmare of my first dream I’m pursuing today.

I’ve written two books this summer, both in editing. I had planned to publish book one of my trilogy in July, but it wasn’t ready. (rookie mistakes ☹)

In the big picture of things, I’m experiencing the self-publishing growing pains – the unpredictable hurdles of entrepreneurship no one could’ve forecasted for me. Although I planned for it, more time than money is all I have.

Think of this moment in my journey as clear air turbulence; I didn’t know what I do know now, but I know where I’m going and what I need to do to continue and succeed.

Play it safe, and keep the people informed.

I won’t compare my journey to a pilot, but the challenge of getting people to care about what I’m doing became the thermal turbulence I proceed through today. Acting below me are the systems I’ve yet to hack; whether it be social media or simply your wallets, my GoFundMe campaign has felt more of a GoFuckMe.

I miss the days I worked in an office for 10 hours, the people I learned from, but I often saw beyond that as my dreams to fly higher began shaking my cubicle desk. I don’t regret leaving corporate – I just hope you all can appreciate it’s you who’s reading this far that encouraged me to do so.

And here I am now – experiencing the wake and shake of the past entrepreneurs who have undergone the early morning pains and worry of failure. The good news; like the mechanical turbulence aviators ascend above I’ve learned to do the same.

Each day I rise above the anxiety, write to avoid the fear of going for broke, and act in the manners of a frequent flyer next to others because it’s in my flight-plan to land safely.

I don’t care to be embarrassed, laughed at for my ways of content marketing, because I’m exactly where my flight-plan said I’d be.

Making a struggle look good.


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