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September 2, 2019

It may had been the power of click-bate, but now that I have you here envision this; along with the others who clicked on this article, you’re now on a virtual elevator of trust. After selecting your destined level, you stand back to awkwardly wait, however, in this case you read. Meanwhile being elevated above the bullshit you dealt today.

Assume this is the elevator [lift] you take daily in your work building; and me, TheWriter, awkwardly stands in the back corner of it facing away from you all. Midway through the ride up I say, “now that I have you all gathered here today…”

As weird and eerie as this picture sounds, I’ve done it before. Awkward being my middle name, I got the idea from a close friend back in college.

Since I do things a bit different, let me clarify where the power of my anxiety has brought me.

First, it led me to live out my dream. Second, in the first six months of doing so it played tricks on my mind.

Charlamagne [Tha God] I have not read your book, yet, but saying I get you is an understatement. Anxiety being the elephant in society, silence fuels it.

Third I’ll add, it brought me back to those who encouraged me to be so brave and pursue writing full-time.

Yes, I left a dream opportunity in aviation to do so. And to bore all my savings I don’t regret it because it brought me back to you. You being ThePeople, if you’ve read this far consider yourself my colleague.

In the lonely world of writing I don’t have many people to turn to for help. Back in corporate I’d often turn to Ashley, Osman, Joe, Simon, Gretchen, Daniel, Brad, or any of you I’ve worked with in the past. Although I held my anxious feelings in for years, I came to realization I had self-aspirations to pursue.

With that said, I need your money 🙂

Ok – a bit aggressive yeah?

Ignoring my anxiety today buries the voice inside me which led me back here. Even if you don’t know me, by reading this you’ve already become my bridge – with the opportunity to act as an overpass as I get into the ‘big boy’ pants of writing.

With your blessing, I’ll be completing my Trilogy — Bourgeoisie Iof the Divine IX Trilogy. Soon after my beta readers are through with it I’ll officially self-publish book one.

Right now, as my anxiety is telling me to withhold my financial situation, now you know.

I’m going for broke.

Fortunate to see today which grants me the courage to do what a dream does, and not give up, every person of my past now stands in that elevator listening and reading to this man drive straight for the rugged bridge ahead.

Did you think you could become a part of my story today?

I plan on writing several books, scripts for TV pilots, screenplays, meditation guides, keep an eye out for my haiku series, and in my wildest dream I’ll be at the Tony’s thanking you in the next decade or so.

Gosh it doesn’t stop when I dream…

But have you ever heard anxiety take over? I’ve used it to enable me to give you all the opportunity to become my bridge. If you don’t know me, I’ve wrote it all on my portfolio site to make it easier to read me. (most people can’t)

And now that you’ve left the virtual elevator of trust, know it’s ok to act in your anxiety. It’s often yourself telling you to be you.


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Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes to encourage readers to explore the depths of their inner ocean, an unexplored self, because it's fun once you get through the emotional part... “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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