Taken from Amtrak’s Keystone approaching Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.

*Re-written August 25, 2019

From the bottom you can prove a great birth.

Running in the city; love after one step I made it look pretty.

My struggle — so be it I’ll run past constitutions so empty; a statue of past times which state misery.

Yeah they were here; imputing rules for blissful fools, as if we’d get here to continue the unfair.

But I think that’s bullshit.

By day one my detector alerted me we’re in a world of cruel shit. The best ones fail in front of many — the magnificent don’t give a shit.

The move after failing plan one, unthink to figure out plan two, and the third becomes a beast of a nerd.

Creating the new from the view of a bird. Eye’s view as the voice in them churns.

It’ll create the unreal story that you cannot converge.

I’m not a poet yet the inspiration in me turns — somehow rhyming so I run to calm my nerves.

I’m no writer but the words create a story; of brotherly love and how pain is the sister of glory.

Don’t believe me? Just watch as I unthink at this poetry.

Leading me astray because more people think low of me. I’ll meet you there as Kane wasn’t Abel you see.

How we compare but I want everyone to know my story. Watering rocks in faith as life gets blurry.

Heartbreak writer she’s no longer of my worry.

Never label me I may not be educated enough to speak so free.

Hiding behind labels for recognition and so I let anxiety be.

When to stop is the pot calling the kettle to drop.

Keep judging your brother Budd, 2020 is when a book will free.

The thinking of many but love is the unseeable language I speak.

Thank you Philadelphia; here’s a hot August run for a poem you all read.

To be a part of my story is a childhood dream; I’m pleased.


GoFundBudd’s Writings On The Run

I’m running a GoFundMe campaign to help support me in this journey I run alone. Please be the bridge who lays the ground in each step I take in my write of faith.

All donors will be a part of my story; your name printed or anonymously your story in a book I’ll write. There will be FREE promo runs for each novel I plan to publish starting this month – you will be notified when the dates are set.

I appreciate your kind heart,


I'm passionate about my story, so I challenge my readers to be as well if they aren't already. I once thought long & hard about the challenges we give ourselves daily, of finding an eternal feeling of joy and abundance. Through inspirational explorations of my past, I attempt to influence others to find theirs. Here on @vehicledigest.net you'll see what allows me to display my enthusiastic lifestyle; whether it be through creativity, elegance, or wit.

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