June 7, 2019

The squirrel’s on the fence.

As the dog stares into bliss.

Still brought one more day.

What a day stood dark.

Light was beneath tokens sold.

Happy they say free.

Sound is motion grade

Spaghetti I don’t care for.

When free, it moves us.

Light although be dark.

It too an option to see.

Keep going, be leaves.

A process you oath.

Make it through; stories be told.

Reiki a body’s scold.

Fear falls by the tears.

The growth now moist earth.

Walk further; you’re there.

Diet a process.

Livit you doth me with them.

Seeking a low stem.

One care if mounted.

resist competition, act.

Thus, eternal maps.

Life is not a trap.

Middle made tricking your gap.

It’s yours, don’t look back.

Love doesn’t write back.

If it fits, forward be the feel.

Of good, but a mood.

He loves the structure.

She implements the structure.

He is the structure.



All donors upon request, will be provided a link to download the audio recording of ‘AN EYE BETWEEN MY HAIKU‘. You’ll be able to hear my beautiful voice develop — I will also include the PDF manuscript of the book!


I'm passionate about my story, so I challenge my readers to be as well if they aren't already. I once thought long & hard about the challenges we give ourselves daily, of finding an eternal feeling of joy and abundance. Through inspirational explorations of my past, I attempt to influence others to find theirs. Here on @vehicledigest.net you'll see what allows me to display my enthusiastic lifestyle; whether it be through creativity, elegance, or wit.

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