They Respond Louder To Your Failures

April 30, 2019

When I quit my six-figure job for this dream, they congratulated me with questions of why. When I told people about my life after suicide, many of them spoke as if that was a life I still couldn’t confide.

Few actually understood me, and that was ten years ago. Respect my journey. I’ve got plans for many years to grow and guess who’s yearning?

In 2018 I became a poet. Now I can dream about flying out to Santorini; to the childhood boy I owe it.

My story starts here. Fighting a daily fear. But fear is a choice, like my many failures, perspective is held in the void. You decide. Life is for you to confide. Start whenever you choose and thrive.

I fly best on Tuesdays. I think it’s those closest to me who question my life’s choosing. But when the voice appreciates, the quiet ones decide to hate. Because failure be their levy. We work hard on Tuesdays, into failure is what I’m aiming.

We fight today what confronts us tomorrow. Some look, thus forever in sorrow. I’m from Portland, Oregon; we’ve made it a habit to bust ass and keep trail blazing. I was confused about race. But only in a certain space. Fighting the everlasting write, what’s the name? Abundance is in everyone’s gain. Just aim to fight for the city you claim.

As failure prompts their speech, we watch. Never react and you will succeed. Just watch.


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