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Listen to your favorite song later tonight, and think about the images and stories that came to your mind when the song first came on. You’ll thank me later. Somebody had to do the thinking!

Repurpose Your Favorite Song

Respecting the artists’ written work, whether it be the producer or song writer, is proven over time that without synergy the song loses a potential timeless effect. As the listener, we often take pride in the emotions a song will bring out of us. As if the song was made for us.

So, what…?

To bring that same emotion back; whatever that means to you. Here is what I think. 

When you allow music to be associated to an image, it hijacks your reality. Which is perfect, because you can see and feel where the artist is coming from. That feeling is stored in our gut, enabling your mind to transcend an image. And that is great, because the artist likely meant to do that to listeners.

What image comes to mind when you hear or think of classical music? What image comes to mind when you hear or think of rap music? What about country? Film Score? Rock? Indie? That new generation shit? And by the way, I listen to all that!

The images that come to mind for me, well, there are a lot. So, I express those images through words, putting them on this site for people to read. Can’t you tell I impersonate a writer pretty well? (insert wink-face)

It’s more like this, the sound of the song creates an aura for me to think in a way I can improve it. Not to improve the song, although my saxophone may think different, but to improve me. A true artist can do that in every piece of art they create for the world to consume. It may not resonate to inspire all, but it will for enough. And that’s what the artist feels.

Listening to the same song gets boring, but then you’ll know it’s true value by the lyrics. Is there a story being told in the song? Or, maybe an action plan for their audience?

To express anything to a degree of artistic action, an artist must feel very good about it. Because it takes a lot of energy and emotion to create timeless art. Most artist often cannot explain their crazed ambition to keep creating. But when it is, the artist is put into a special category. People love to label and categorize people.

We often watch the stories playout in our head once the song gets going. Have you ever shared those stories with someone? Some of the songs that bring back bad memories are like toxic sound rays into our ears. In the moment with good people, that story might slip out and be told.

That’s one way to transcend a toxic song.

Next time repurpose that song and see what happens. You’ll have to control the image that first comes to mind. And with a genuine artist, this is easier to do.

A story told in the moment from the gut through emotion, is best told without boundaries. Just like the artist did creating the song.

That’s what I think.


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes to encourage readers to explore the depths of their inner ocean, an unexplored self, because it's fun once you get through the emotional part... “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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