December 31, 2018 – I ran up Counsil Crest to put last year’s worry to rest; an old amusement park, Portland, Oregon was home to the “Dreamland of the northwest.” Freezing in my Nike gear, yet warm and lightly dressed. Not the best trail running shoes, but they got me up to see amazing #pdx views!

Council Crest was “Portland’s roof garden on the mountaintop.” It was an unproven belief that the park site had been a traditional council ground for Native American Indians; therefore, the name “Council Crest.”

The Animal Which Speak

These stories, although told on runs up a hilltop of glory, untouchable be the reason, an inspiring and thoughtful story.

Read on, good glory. In the glory of one story, so cold I had a worry.

My fingers frozen, untouchable like a star lit – numb and stiff. IMG_1650

Because like a star in the night, dark be the canvas equally envisioned right?

From the bottom I envisioned Counsil Crest.

But I knew I had a treacherous run up a rocky hilltop of glory.

From Terwilliger BLVD, I ran four miles up a rocky trail, ignorant of elevation nauseating me later.

Jumping over mud puddles, twas’ an animal avoiding territorial gator.

But who art thou in the wild? You don’t exactly have the following to see your smile.

ZERO eyes on you for a while.

Can you run hard without that, alone in the wild?

For the people I crossed on the narrow trail’s path; like artifacts I just need to slip passed.

Because I’m running up here until Counsil Crest.

They’ll assume I’ve done this before, because I run with my body at ease and rest.

Avoiding the rocky and slippery terrain, thrice causing my foot to twist, and maybe twice almost sprained…

But who art thou face in the wild? Wet, cold, and no one to carry you assuming you pass out for a ‘Hwhile’.

Alone in this cold. Waving as people pass.

I was actually in pain due to my calves and thighs cramping.

It was like I’d been here before, in a tropical jungle running; like they had put me here just for fun.

I had to run to survive but why stress? I run like I’m the best.

Face covered, don’t dare to assume I’m like the rest.

IMG_1653.JPGJust running hard until I get to the top, remember?

Up top to Counsil Crest!

But for vanity sake, my face ain’t their fate.

For all I know they witnessed an animal in its space.

Running under trees, muddy leaves, narrow paths, and million-dollar homes up there in between views of trees.

Likely breathe taking, untouchable well deserved views.

Like the one I’m on this run for.

Elevation could distill me.

I’ve never trained to run up elevations before.

Very dangerous, but that’s him in the wild.

And the people are better off not seeing that face in the wild.

Likely in pain remember? A December 31st run to remember.

Trail runs aren’t my thing, but Portland has many to surrender.

So, Crown the King!

He made it despite running up rocky trails never being his thing.

This fuckn’ wordplay thing, I get carried away listening to rap music and R&B Queens.

l often switch it up, listening to ambient violinists, film score music and Rasta’ tings.

2018 they called me a poet. 2017 I never would have called it.

Because aviation was my corporate calling.

I just show up, it speaks like a preacher’s sermon.

Never ending until he can see the people getting sick of applauding.

Yet, who art thou in the wild? An animal tamed and running upright style. IMG_1644

Writes with no pop or style.

Just words of truth for a simple smile.

What’s rest? I saw beautiful views up top at Counsil Crest.

An exhausting uphill run; but now I go downhill with half the battle done.

I got lost. An extra three miles is what that cost.

Those trails are confusing; but loosing was not of my choosing.

The animal kept running, ignoring the exhaustion and confusion.

Trouble amongst me. Tired, lost, and miles from my nice BMW.

A black man’s wish. 2018 made me a black man writing.

It wasn’t my plan, I just show up and begin making words connect again.

But trouble in the wild, luckily my iPhone well charged to guide me.

By then an aching foot and two cramping legs, my dude!

The people saw me stretching it out and waiting, a quick break needed man.

Uber came to mind, damn. But I ran it off after the people saw me.

Like an awkward black mysterious, but maybe writing man?

Telling stories in his head while he’s an animal running wild man!

So, who art thou in the wild?

It speaks like I’m a child, telling me “Keep running little nigga, they’ll think you’ve been doing this for a while.”

But I run and seek soft terrain for my landing feet, and I breathe.

Often no ease to the land, muddy rocks, and almost slipped all the way down the ridge.

Woulda’ been done man…

In the wild, the animal runs until shelter.

And soon night falls, and the people up Yonder will witness the light running free in the dark, like a shooting star.

Yet standing strong like an untouchable Christmas star.

I couldn’t believe I had made it thus far.

Pain and agony, I finished running light but hard.

The people stared at me. Not sure if to say “hi” to me.

But I was in pain and agony. Ignorant running negro.

What an animal inside of me.

So, who art thou in the wild?

A voice that can speak?

It says to me, “Keep running little nigga. I am the voice you seek.”


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes to encourage readers to explore the depths of their inner ocean, an unexplored self, because it's fun once you get through the emotional part... “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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