Baggage Claim

Michal Parzuchowski (unsplash)

November 21, 2018

My middle name initial stands for Jaye. Over a decade earlier they coined, “money, money, money, money……money!” That’s from the O’Jays.

But it was Tami Terrell whom I’m named under. Even in 1967 it was obvious this was no childhood blunder; that the mountain wasn’t high, or tide low enough under.

In 78′, Rose Royce fell onto my soundtrack, wishing upon a star to reach a baggage claim I embark.

I thought it’d be money getting me this far. Yet it was dreams and anxiety; following my heart. Planning and accomplishing, money ended up being less exciting for me.

Money is what people feel they need. Those with it easily let it bleed. Because the ‘rich’ often don’t pay much in taxes.

The fact is, it’s the reason they increase their quarterly transactions.

So what are my two cents to you? The pot that called my kettle black? Communities before that brought me back? And I’ll go as far as the baggage claim to ensure I’m giving back.

Money is what people feel will expedite their dreams. So why is it that those with it say it’s worthless than Thanksgiving collard greens?

Easier said than done. Once you’re successful, you’ll be reiterating these words like I once done. Greed might never be the secret, but for now save up and increase it.

What’s forever in the W4? Don’t get offended, I respect it. I just pray you do it for you. 

The almighty dollar, don’t ever bother.

Once backed by the quintessential pieces of gold, silver and heavy crowned coins as a scholar. The eagle on our quarter was freedom during college, because I was able to freely wash my shirts that were collared…

The eagle soars high, knowing the people’s misunderstanding—they work hard, and still pay taxes in the outstanding.

Did the dollars make sense for you? 

I once prayed for a W4. Today, I pray to never rely on signing another or two. And if so, it would just be for a select genuine few…

Money can create a belief that if we had more of it, we’d have less grief. But I visited several baggage claims this year, and the promise ends in much grief. Maybe the security is there for you, rewarded by numbers, underestimating what is now self-blunders.

To each baggage claim rightfully so, first-captain announces which one to pick up from, or no? That’s an airport operations decision fasho’.

For some Aviators and airlines, baggage claims follow them fiduciarily on the go. 

Money is what people feel makes the world go round’. Yet the people coining that term twist and turn all night long as policies change, and more of us eventually learn.

Money is what people want for daily living, monthly travels, business hustles and knowledge muscles…

It brings synergy. Against it we walk upon a rock. In exchange for thoughts upon us to unlock.

Shout out to the old days when money couldn’t talk. Am I serious? No.

Gold too is a rock.


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