The below forty 40 words, in 40 days will be described by me at best. The emotions first thought of when I could continually recall moments in life when words couldn’t describe to me my feelings, emotions, or actions. At times it feels like I’m in a trance with those moments and emotions – as if they’re at my reach or visible from a distance. But to act on new information is like a novel situation, right? And then it dawned on me, when a recent colleague of mine forwarded me an article by Brianna Wiest about these specific emotions I’ve experienced in life. And of course, I was inspired by words, literally by definition – because there are words for those moments I once thought words couldn’t describe. Instead of describing the words again, check out what I did with them. They were made up by John Koenig, so that’s something you can find on Google. Photo by Alexandra (unsplash)
Updated: October, 15 2018

In Other Words, What Words Cannot Describe….

Inspired by you..

I’ll be updating this page weekly over the next 40 days. My readers should understand first, the context of the following defined words I’ll be publishing.

At the very least understanding, words can describe an emotion we see, feeling we’re aware of, or belief we act on. Also consider the abstract distinct meaning that’s auto-steered behind a word’s purpose. Think about it like this; if I tell someone they need to start reading more often, many triggers and compartments are then activated in the brain. They’re activated in order to engage our own rules around ‘need’, ‘reading’, and our understanding of ‘more often’. Again, also consider the circumstances because the syntax is what allows the brain to rearrange each word’s meaning to its why, how, and what. And that’s up to you – you get to decide if ‘what I tell you’ is worth it, or meaningful to you.

Here I Go.


ChrysalismWord one, ‘chrysalism’ because I watched football every evening this past weekend and was quite happy and content about it in the moments. My excuse was that I wasn’t getting out anyway, because it was rainy and cold all weekend as well. Meanwhile believing that football would entertain me. But was it worth it? Naw’ cuz’ the Seahawks didn’t win.

But in the chrysalis of conditions I was upset that a team didn’t win – ignoring what actually entertained me in the recent moments. As football is played by individuals in the most muddled conditions – players must detect other players and act on it. The opponent’s side is what’s most uncertain, yet a win is a must because otherwise what are we watching it for?

The true fans respect the players as individuals – because they recognize that they’re a part of the meaningful games that entertain. Even in the most scattered conditions players are trained to execute well enough to win, as they ignore the cold, rainy, and the uncertainties of their next actions. They’re entertaining whilst you in the chrysalis of conditions. That’s what’s meaningful to me. And I appreciate their effort because I respect the work required to do all what they do. We believe the players are entertaining, while ignoring the rain outside since we’re in the comfort of being indoors. Players as individuals believe they’re going to win, meanwhile ignoring the muddled conditions around them. The irony of word play. 


vemodalen1.jpgI fear this, in a way that I don’t want to be seen like the others because they’ll assume the failure, but to recognize the stigma is a failure. So, I don’t represent it. I envision my readers seek novel and valuable sources of content on this site, and often I fail because I talk about myself and my lifestyle. With much substance because I do a lot of thinking, to avoid capturing the vemÖdalen moments I see across social media. It reminds me you all got there first and inspires me to do it different. Social media is the first come first serve platform, but I’ll talk about that later. Stay tuned..


AnamoiaAnemoia doesn’t ‘Google’ to be etymological constructed, maybe I missed it. Even though I feel guilty for desiring a time of my past, ironically, I feel it’s the same feeling we get when desiring a time for our future. You get what you inspect, not what you expect. If the feeling or desire for a futuristic time, moment or place is well thought out and planned, it’ll likely ‘feel’ as if it already happened. Yet your facts won’t be straight because it’s just your imagination happening. We’re wanderlusting in those terms.

Very few people understand the term in this perspective. The anemoia feeling to a competitive individual is one thing behind closed doors, but to the people they are simply winners in front of the crowd. What the people don’t know, is that competitors have already felt the win in the past, we’re just witnessing them capitalizing on what they’ve felt, in their anemoia [past] moments.

Thus, they’re cool, calm and collected in the present.

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(I ended up not caring)

I'm passionate about my story, so I challenge my readers to be as well if they aren't already. I once thought long & hard about the challenges we give ourselves daily, of finding an eternal feeling of joy and abundance. Through inspirational explorations of my past, I attempt to influence others to find theirs. Here on you'll see what allows me to display my enthusiastic lifestyle; whether it be through creativity, elegance, or wit.

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