Music is an abstract connection – the well occupied ‘space’ we as humans move into when the music comes on. Meanwhile, driven by emotion, we come closer to each other as the music plays out. In return, we function out of love amongst people we don’t care for once the music is turned off. So, I’d argue the vehicle is love, that the key in most instances that brings us as a human race together is love! But it’s not enough because we forget. I wrote ‘The Soundtrack’ in one night. I showed up to write and I did it. Edited over the weekend of course, just after listening to Hippo Campus‘ new album, ‘BAMBI’. And since I began this piece listening to their album, I’ll end it with them because it’s Tuesday. Photo by Namroud Gorguis (Unsplash)


“Not one drop of my self worth, depends on your acceptance of me” – Quincy Jones

Tuesday October 2, 2018

At some point we’ll all be blinded by music as it takes us into our next journey in life. Into a sequence of emotional episodes of time, to manifest memories of moments with family, time at work, and fun shit! As you allow a song to take you into retrograde, the recollection of thoughts allows you to appreciate that even in the worst of times, you had some time to think things over.

Time to think over decisions you made that were derived from emotion. But why don’t we think in the now? Maybe music is the distraction – yet lyrics aid the words I write.

I’m like a passenger in this world, riding on the roller-coaster of courage and dopamine.

I felt music for the first time at a very early age in life that no one today would care to know. I’m old enough now to recall Warren G., and Bone Thugs put me in the shoes of whom I might want to become when I got older. But then my father looked down on me for that – why? I didn’t want to be them, maybe in the context of time I did, but like the rock music I listen to it only triggered a compartment I have in my life. I had time to think over my lifestyle desires through regression and emotion.

No decisions were made listening to music.

Music can be the levy to a deep-rooted emotional oath; either once lived by, or bliss to.

An emotional oath can influence our decision making, or the picture we paint of our world in the moment. And it does so much so hold tight!

I periodically go into retrograde, still feeling the guilt because of my father’s (mis)judgement on me. That’s also when I turn the music down in my car, so the elderly pulling up next to me will likely assume I’m one of the good ones.

And then I listen to the music my father grew up on, and the music that empowered his lifestyle. I thought, for one genre of music to be assumed respected above the other, does that mean one is better? I think no, therefore I am. And as a preacher’s son, I grew up conflicted with this.

The picture a genre of music can carry also can portray the lifestyles of the people – through emotion. And without categorizing people who listen to the genre, you can only regress to say it’s the people who create the art, the pictures, the noise for the genre. The artists create what’s appealing to the people, from their own vision, and more importantly their own unique abstract feeling translated into meaning for consumption to the people. If the art is inconsistent with the people over time, it slowly dies within the community and becomes history.

With the appropriate influencer, art can also change the people.

People come in many forms of art, especially in music. I think of Bob Marley and the Rasta’ nation energy; I think of Quincy Jones and the evolving energy he portrayed from It’s My Party, Thriller, to speaking on a political platform to promote global world peace, love and happiness.

Taylor Swift created music as a bridge, for many people to cry out a river over, and drown out their momentary sorrows in life to. She also made a song I twice partied to. And because I was once dreaming with a broken heart, I created a bridge via John Mayer’s guitar and acoustic recording skills.

I listen to many genres of music that I don’t drive to – so think about it. It’s merely impossible for an artist to predict what worlds their art will end up in someday.

The content of the art is in the people – that’s why we buy music, it’s in us. It’s the visual connection we see as a human race, as individuals, and then we all gather in one venue when they perform at a concert.

My father likely thought I’d end up in the picture that the hip-hop and rap genre painted for his world. Yet if he were here today, I’d tell him I don’t get to paint that picture – the people do. The communities that support it, for the artist to thrive!

So, if the circle of life is correct, I’m the light of what evolves next from the seed of my father, and my ancestors as well for that matter. Meaning I’ll be the one who bridges the gap for the people. Music, whether it be a picture in your head, a time you recall, or even an imminent emotion, it brings people together.

It’s the abstract energy we feel in our body. It moves us like no other matter. The good emotions, sad emotions, anger emotions, etc.… The emotions are likely true to all be the same, but music puts the distinct abstract meaning behind it. And the beauty about it, you actually get to decide that emotion.

It’s energy in motion. You can see the energy in motion when the music comes on. That’s how we came to Emotion. Despite circumstances, don’t let emotion train your judgement and decision making.

I would argue that if you don’t understand, or appreciate a particular type of genre in music, then you likely don’t understand the origins of the people who create it – to a degree of purpose. The artist, who emerge from the people, create the music. Maybe you don’t want to embrace the genre’s culture?

And through meaning, the vehicle to comprehend that is love.

Love in the allusion that amongst others at a concert, it’s the music that enables us to love thy neighbor who’s bumping into shoulders unwelcome. As we ignore our differences and accept that we paid to come all the way here and celebrate the fact that WE CAN LOVE THIS FUCKIN’ SONG together!

Love in the allusion that a genre support’s a culture, that enables respect to its people. If you look around at a concert, diversity is amongst us more often. That’s respect to the people who make the culture thrive.

Love in the allusion that we can be understood as people through the artists’ lyrics. Which is why we hold great appreciation to the artist – they are the voice of the people.

And lastly, Love in the allusion that it creates structure in our daily lives. You got songs for your moods right? Music can set the tone for your next task. For me personally, music is to structure, as function is to life; enabling people to organize and focus on living, loving, laughing and fun shit again! Music allows us to go beyond understanding, beyond meaning, to a degree that we are connected to the artist. We can appreciate their story, as if it’s our soundtrack we’re listening to. You decide.



Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I began publishing content on VehicleDigest the Instagram account, now BuddWrites, to inspire my creative mind. Today, is the publishing platform for content related to Budd's books, speaking endeavors, and art. “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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