I misunderstood the amount of attention a black BMW coupe would get me, I thought only the car enthusiasts would be my admirers. I later learned that what I did to my BMW would imply much more to the average driver. A vehicle i dreamed I’d be driving someday but I also wrote this in mourning – and more to come.
May 30, 2017
You either appreciate it for the recognition, or its speed and precision.

Sports Cars ‘All Over’

When my iPhone 7 lights up with a push notification from Spinrilla telling me Curren$y just dropped some ‘new heat’, I usually forget about his new heat until I’m writing stuff. But despite low traffic after not writing for a while, I still write a lot of shit no one actually reads.

Back when I wrote Forever in a Werke in 2015, I hadn’t come to full fruition with the type of vehicle enthusiast I’m still coming to be. I was only writing about material things and areas of my interest with much substance in mind. I expressed my infatuation of other peoples’ possessions. Which is what most people do in general but I was only infatuated. And back then my E39 BMW was well on its way, until this past December. Four days prior to my 30th birthday, I spun out of control driving up Caesar Chavez Boulevard during Portland’s second winter snow/ice storm of that season. I nearly totaled it. And my ill Father at the time had passed on the very next morning. So, I had a lot of emotional energy channeled toward what car I was going to buy and cure next. That’s what I was about.

I thought about buying a Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Tahoe, and even a BMW X5 or newer 5 series. All curable vehicles. It was a Tuesday morning when I considered going panda with an Alpine White BMW 328i coupe, but that was before I saw this Jet Black BMW Sports Coupe.


That same Tuesday, it was purchased by me.


I was eager to get working on it, but given Portland’s horrible winter weather I could only start off by tinting the windows.


And because I am that type of BMW guy, the badge momentarily had to go.


I recall the headaches of installing wheel spacers for the flush look, especially after buying the BMW style 343M wheels.

These OEM M6 wheels also exposed the wheel hub’s rust.

Above are the before and after photos. I had to scrub each hub for three weekends.

For looks I got rid of the front license plate holster altogether. Interior wise, I patiently waited a month for a pair of BMW emblem headrest pillows I ordered from China. Some had deemed this the ‘Batmobile‘ but I couldn’t call it that in respects to a previous vehicle I drove.

I took this Bavarian beast to the coast on a gloomy Oregon day and got some amateur photos to show the world what I’m working on at the moment.

And that’s really all I have to say about the Black Panther for now.

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Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I began publishing content on VehicleDigest the Instagram account, now BuddWrites, to inspire my creative mind. Today, VehicleDigest.net is the publishing platform for content related to Budd's books, speaking endeavors, and art. “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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